Ryan FreedmanAn entrepreneur with a decade of experience in commercial real estate and private equity, Ryan Freedman serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of Corigin in New York City. Educated at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he began working for Boca Raton, Florida-based Southern Management and Development while pursuing undergraduate studies in real estate and urban land economics. Following receipt of his bachelor of science from Wisconsin in 2004, Ryan Freedman returned to South Florida and joined BET Investments, where he spent a year overseeing a broad portfolio of retail, office, industrial, and multifamily properties. From BET Investments, he continued his work in multifamily development and became a managing partner of Miami Beach’s City Center Investments. Three years later, Ryan Freedman moved to New York and assumed responsibilities as the chairman of Coalco, a multinational commercial development firm.

In 2010, Ryan Freedman formed Corigin and quickly grew the company through investments in a series of promising condominium towers, mixed-use residential buildings, and student housing properties. With a focus on real estate in and around New York City, he leads Corigin on a wide range of new luxury developments, acquisitions and repositionings of existing properties, and financing opportunities for troubled assets. In addition to real estate, Ryan Freedman has diversified Corigin’s holdings with private equity investments in a series of promising technology firms, from online finance communities to luxury lifestyle services. To read more about Mr. Freedman’s background and his work at Corigin, please visit the official company website at http://www.corigin.com.


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